Technology Campus Ghent

The Technology Campus Ghent is part of the Faculty of Engineering Technology which offers industrial science programmes throughout Flanders.

The KU Leuven Technology Campus Ghent is part of the new Faculty of Engineering Technology. The Faculty of Engineering Technology gathers all industrial sciences programmes offered by the KU Leuven at campuses throughout Flanders. In addition to the faculties of science, engineering science, bioengineering science and architecture, the Engineering Technology Faculty is one of the five faculties within the KU Leuven's Science, Engineering and Technology Group.

Multi campus model

Education at the Faculty of Engineering Technology is organized in a unique way. Students can choose to follow their programme of choice at no less than seven locations throughout Flanders: from Ostend, Ghent, Aalst, Sint-Katelijne-Waver or Leuven, to Geel or Diepenbeek.

The Faculty of Engineering Technology ensures that the unique approach and quality of the programmes taught at each of these campuses is guaranteed, while bearing in mind common goals and interests.

Research is conducted in collaboration with the departments of Science, Engineering and Technology Group and is organized in so-called technology clusters.

More information

Students coming to the KU Leuven @ Technology campus Ghent can combine one or two courses offered to incoming students with a master thesis. The campus doesn't offer a full curriculum in Engineering Technology in English. All the courses are taught in Dutch but have an English textbook available.