Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences offers study programmes in education, business, health care, social work, communication and media.

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Member of the Ghent University Association (AU GENT) is one of Flanders' largest university colleges.

It offers study programmes in:

  • Education
  • Business and management
  • Health and care
  • People and society
  • Communication, media and design

Internationally oriented environment

As an institute based on a culture of internationalisation, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is an active partner in diverse international networks, attends various international conferences and collaborates intensively with international partners for educational and for research purposes.

Moreover, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences stimulates outgoing staff and student mobility and warmly welcomes international incoming staff and students. Finally, besides the regular study programmes, it offers a wide variety of international courses, often with a clear emphasis on interdisciplinarity. It also offers the possibility to follow Dutch language courses to guarantee a successful integration as a foreign student.


Artevelde University of Applied Sciences offers several degree and advanced bachelor programmes. In addition, it offers international semester programmes. Have a look at these programmes.

International exchange students

If your home university is a partner university of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences you can apply as an exchange student for one of our international exchange programmes. If this is not the case different admission requirements apply.


International degree students

Foreign students who wish to enroll in a Bachelor programme at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences have to fulfill certain requirements.