Residence document for mobility students

Are you an exchange student, e.g. within the context of the Erasmus+-programme? Apply for your residence document with the municipality.

Note: Will you start your mobility programme in Belgium?  In that case, follow this procedure.

What are the conditions?

  • You take part in an exchange programme.
  • You are registered in another EU Member State.
  • You will be studying at a Belgian university or university college for at least 1 semester.

What will you need?

  • Your national passport.
  • A valid residence card or the EU-country where you are studying.
  • The standard form ‘Statement of no objection’, which you will receive from the university or university college.  This is the proof that you participate in an exchange programme.
  • The standard form for registration at a university or university college.
  • 1 passport photo (not older than 6 months)

What do you have to do?

You will receive an annex 33, which will be your residence document.