Residence document for cross-border students

Registration procedure for students having a principal place of residence in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Germany.

Will you keep your principal place of residence in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Germany and will you study in Belgium?  In that case you are a cross-border student and you can opt for an annex 33 instead of an A card or EU card.  With an annex 33 you will not be entered in the National Register and you will not be domiciled in Belgium.  Your principal place of residence will remain abroad. 

As a consequence, you cannot apply for a parking permit for local residents and you can only take a driving test if you have a titular holder number.  You can apply for this number at the Driving Counter.

How to apply for an annex 33

Report your presence by means of the e-form within 8 working days.  Enter all requested data and upload a scan of your valid passport (for non-EU citizens) or ID card, the certificate of enrolment with the educational institution, valid residence card from neighbouring country (for non-EU citizens) and the proof of sufficient financial means (for non-EU citizens).

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after we have received your application.

When will you receive the annex 33?

After your file is processed, you will receive a digital version of the annex 33 in your mailbox.

How long is the annex 33 valid and how can you renew it?

Annex 33 is valid for one academic year and must be renewed annually by means of the e-form. The same documents and the old annex 33 must be presented for that purpose.