House of the Student

You are welcome at the House of the Student with questions or for an appointment with the student officer.

The student officer is the intermediary for students:

  • The liaison between the students, the social facilities of the educational institutions, the student associations and the municipal administration.
  • The ambassador for the students within the Municipality.
  • The person who monitors and stimulates existing student initiatives and assumes a mediating role in case of new initiatives.
  • The secretary and the person responsible for the organization and follow up of student consultation.
  • The person who takes care of information for international students.

The student officer is the intermediary for the Municipality:

  • Someone with a coordinating role.
  • The liaison between the policy and the students.

Mr. Jeroen Paeleman is the student officer. You can make an appointment with him in the 'Huis van de Student’ (House of the Student) at the Youth Department or mail your question to