Why Ghent is the best Erasmus destination

Currently contemplating your exchange destination? Look no further! Ghent offers everything you need for an unforgettable experience!

Why Ghent is the best Erasmus destination

1. Erasmus Destination of the Year 2023

Where else to go on an exchange than to the Erasmus Destination of the Year 2023? A title Ghent received at the Erasmus Generation Meeting, the largest Erasmus conference held this year in Bucharest. Ghent was rewarded for its good cooperation between its universities and colleges, the city and the international student association. Among other things, the city received praise for its excellent quality of education and for all the facilities the city has to offer for exchange students. Every year, Ghent welcomes about 1,500 Erasmus students and with the city being the Erasmus destination of the year 2023, we expect many more in the coming years. So, if you're seeking the ultimate Erasmus experience, Ghent is the place to be!

2. A real student city

With its vibrant and lively student atmosphere, Ghent offers a unique experience you won't forget. With its 80,000 students, the city is also increasingly designed to meet the needs of students. The wide range of educational opportunities is accompanied by more than 20 campuses and several impressive libraries. In addition, several organizations open their doors for students to come and study during exams. From retirement homes to shopping centers and bookstores, the perfect study spot for you will surely be among them! But student life in Ghent goes beyond studying. The city overflows with cozy cafes, trendy lunch bars and restaurants of all cuisines. Moreover, the youthful atmosphere translates into a rich event calendar, with over 1,000 public events taking place throughout the year.

3. Still in doubt? Let this convince you!

Nestled in the heart of Europe, this easily accessible city is centrally located in Belgium, making it a convenient hub for exploration. With direct train connections from Brussels Airport, you can reach Ghent in less than an hour. Moreover, Ghent's proximity to other historic cities like Bruges and Antwerp provides the perfect opportunity for fun day trips. Beyond its vibrant spirit, Ghent prides itself on being a sustainable city. With ambitious goals outlined in its Climate Plan, Ghent aims to become climate-neutral by 2050. The city's progressive approach to mobility is reflected in its comprehensive Ghent Mobility Plan, emphasizing public transport, pedestrians, and cyclists. As a city of water, Ghent holds a unique charm. The convergence of the rivers the Schelde and the Leie creates a cozy holiday atmosphere. Moreover, when the sun sets, Ghent transforms into a captivating city of light. Its award-winning lighting plan illuminates the city's landmarks and architecture, creating a magical ambiance!

As the Erasmus Destination of the Year 2023, Ghent invites you to embark on an unforgettable educational journey that combines academic growth with cultural exploration and personal enrichment.