Rent a bike

Rent a bike at the 'Fietsambassade'.

Bicycles can be rented at the "de Fietsambassade". There are different kinds of bicycles: basic bikes, yellow bikes with gear, comfort bikes and even folding bikes! A strong and practical bicycle lock is included in the rental price. The use of the bicycle lock is necessary to discourage thieves, but it’s even better to use two locks. Bicycle thefts happen every day.

Your bicycle has dissapeared?

Bicycles that are not safely secured or seem to be neglected are often collected. Bicycles outside the city centre and in the Ghent suburbs are subject to the same treatment. Such initiatives are to prevent that bicycles are stolen or keep withering away. Sometimes bike sheds do get cleared due to an upcoming event, but it is announced at least one week before the event. Check if they have found it on "Gevonden fietsen" (only in Dutch) and if you see your bike, go to the "de Fietsendepot" to collect it. Bring a piece of evidence so you can proof it is yours (key, leasing agreement,...).

Is your bicycle stolen?

Report the theft to the police within 24 hours, and try to notify de Fietsambassade as soon as possible (at the latest within five working days). Provide a copy of the police report, the registration number and the keys of the bicycle locks. The sooner de Fietsambassade is informed, the better they will be able to assist you in retrieving the stolen bicycle.

Furthermore, you will be given a replacement bicycle for the remaining rental period. You will only have to pay a new deposit. If the stolen bicycle is retrieved within six months, this sum will be refunded – possibly reduced by the costs of repair.

Did you fail to report the theft in time, or were you unable to hand the keys as proof that your bike was securely locked? Your deposit will not be returned to you, and a fine of 150 euro for a standard bicycle or 100 euro for a second-hand model will be imposed.

Anti-theft tips:

  • Always secure your bike (even if you leave it for just a second).
  • Secure your bike to a pole, fence, bike stand etc. (never to a traffic sign).
  • Use a sturdy lock.
  • Make sure that removing your bike takes some time (e.g. use two locks).
  • Leave your bike at a safe and visible place (preferably a bike shed or stand). Avoid dark or abandoned places.

Another way to prevent bike theft is registering your bike. This means a number is engraved into the frame of your bike. Registering is free at the bike repository (Kattenberg 2).