Health & insurance

Studying in Ghent? Learn all about (mental) health support and services in Ghent.


In Belgium, medication and certain health products are only for sale in pharmacies.

Opening Hours

  • Usually closed on Saturdays & Sundays.
  • A list of pharmacists that are on duty at night & in the weekend is displayed at every pharmacist.
  • You can call the “apotheek van wacht” between 22 pm and 9 am at the central number: 0903 99 000 to find out which pharmacist is on duty.

General practitioners and hospitals

Medical centre for students

In the unhappy event of health problems, turn to the Medical centre for students, where three General Practitioners (GPs) run a practice for students. They are ideally placed to deal with any medical problems. Every student is welcome!

Urgent medical help during weekend or at night

Looking for a General Practitioner outside the office hours?
Call 1733 on working days between 7 pm and 8 am, from Friday 7 pm until Monday 8 am or on a public holiday. Don’t forget your health insurance card and your identity card.


There are various hospitals in Ghent:


A list of all dentists in and around Ghent can be found in the section dentists of the Golden Pages.

Urgent dental care

For urgent dental care during the weekend or on public holidays (9 am - 6 pm) you can call the “wachtdienst Gent” at the central number 0903 399 69 to find out which dentist is on call. 

Support for mental well-being

Talk about it

Don't feel good about yourself? Talk about it! provides information and tips specifically for students who are struggling with their emotions and points the way to a listening ear. Check out the overview of initiatives in Ghent where you can find help as a student in Ghent.

Work on your own mental well-being

Are you experiencing problems studying, are you tangled up with yourself, ... Check out the range of workshops. There are one-time sessions as well as pathways with multiple sessions. Make your choice and register.

Health insurance

Student from the European Economic Area or Switzerland

You already have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You do not need to take additional health insurance in Belgium. Read what you should do before your arrival in Belgium.

Student from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland

You don’t have valid health insurance before arriving in Belgium. Read what you should do as soon as possible.