Student Restaurants

Enjoy your meal in one of the student restaurants of the host institutions.

Ghent offers a wide range of student restaurants. They are all situated in the vicinity of the various faculties and departments. The service they offer is based on the three mainstays of “quality, variety and low prices”. 

Most student restaurants offer vegetarian food. Remember Thursday is Veggieday and enjoy a healthy and environmently friendly dish without meat or fish on Thursday.

Student Restaurants and Cafetarias:

Important notice!

  • Do not forget to bring your student card with you: otherwise you must pay a higher price for your food.
  • Students from Artevelde university of applied sciences and HOGENT (Ghent University Association) will have to pay a little more in the Ghent University student restaurants than university students.
  • All students in Ghent can buy meals at the student restaurant of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. If you are a student from another university (college) you will pay about 20% more.
  • All students from Ghent University and Artevelde University of Applied Sciences will pay the same price as HOGENT students in the HOGENT restaurants, others will pay a little more.