Keep your room locked

Keep your room locked in order to avoid theft.

Students often keep valuable personal items at their room, such as a phone, computer, television, DVD and CD player, etc. You will also have valuable papers, such as your identity card and driving licence. Losing any of these through theft will cause a lot of annoyance, and extra costs in replacing them. Losing important computer files is also lost time and effort.

Some tips:

  • Before leaving your rooms, check whether all windows and doors have been properly closed. Even when you go to another room in the same building, it is better to lock your door behind you. A thief only needs a couple of minutes!
  • Personalize all valuable objects by marking them with an engraving device or a special marker pen.
  • Draw up a list of the brand, type, production number and special identification marks of the appliances you least want to lose.
  • Should you become the victim of a burglary, always notify the police.