Respect your neighbours

The city of Ghent wants to be a livable city for all its residents.

Together with the inhabitants, the students create a dynamic and cosy city where it is good to live and work. However, living together is not always that easy. Minor inconveniences can be a source of major stress or irritation. A party which last till early in the morning, a flat-dweller which is doing odd jobs till late at night or a musical neighbour which gives full rein to his talent on the drum set on the most impossible hours.

Look before you leap. Always put yourself in the place of the other! Try to imagine the reaction of your neighbour.

Whenever the city receives complaints about students who cause trouble (such as making too much noise at night), those students will be asked to be considerate of the neighbours by letter, by visiting the neighbourhood, and by mediation, all in close collaboration with the local police.