Private Housing

There are several options to find private housing in Ghent.

There are several student residential areas in Ghent. The price for a room, flat or studio varies between 260 and 460 euro per month depending on the area and the type of accommodation. There are several options to find a room:

Find a room through Kotatgent

At the website of Kotatgent you can find a list of rooms that are available at the moment.

Search for signs stating '(studentenkamers) te huur'

If you want to look for accommodation yourself, you should search for signs (often orange) stating “te huur” (for rent), or signs reading “studentenkamers te huur” (student room for rent). Telephone numbers of landlords are also available. Room hunting may take a couple of days of running around, but with some help from the housing officers at your host institution, you should be able to find a private room.

Students need to inspect the property, negotiate with the landlord and sign the rental agreement personally. This makes it is almost impossible for international students to arrange permanent accommodation from outside Belgium. You are therefore strongly advised to come to Ghent as early as possible and use temporary housing for the first few days.

Please take into account that it won’t be easy to find a room on the private housing market for a short stay. Landlords are seldom prepared to sign a rental agreement for less than ten months. But maybe you can take part in the 'room exchange'! The housing officers of your host institution will be happy to inform you about this system. Keep in mind that not every institution participates in this programme.