Ghent, dazzingly authentic!

Ghent has unique mixture of historical architecture, contemporary events, museums, concerts, theatres, opera & film.

Day and night, Ghent is always quite alive! The city boasts a unique mixture of historical architecture and contemporary events, splendid renowned museums, theatres, opera and film. The city also offers a wealth of exhibitions and other cultural events such as the Gentse Feesten, Flanders International Film Fest Gent, the International Festival of Flanders and Gent Jazz Festival. Every five years, a huge botanical exhibition (the Gentse Floraliën) also takes place in Ghent, attracting numerous visitors to the city.


The City of Ghent has established a solid reputation as a music centre, with a rich tradition and an inclusive culture approach. The City has an elaborate infrastructure for creative activities and performing arts. This is proved by the impressive number of concert halls, education facilities and research centres. Numerous actors give shape to the vast and diversified Ghent music scenery.
The City also pays a lot of attention to music education and research activities for young artists, making sure that they can develop their musical career in the best conditions. In June 2009 the city became officially ‘UNESCO Creative city of music’.


Film Fest Gent was established in 1974 as a student's film festival, and has since developed into one of Europe's most prominent film events. Every year in October, the festival presents some 100 features and 30 shorts from all across the world. A range of different film programs are showcased, attracting over 130,000 viewers each year. With its focus on film music, the festival has its own unique place in international festivals. Every year, the festival organises film music concerts, giving composers of film scores the platform they deserve.
There are several cinemas in Ghent. All movies are usually shown in their original version with bilingual (Dutch-French) subtitles.


Food and drink

The native of Ghent is a Burgundian bon vivant. And that is something you’ll certainly see for yourself: the number of cafés and restaurants is virtually endless. To pick out just a few here would do a disservice to the others.

Did you know that Ghent was the first city in the world to officially launch a vegetarian day? The campaign “Thursday Veggie Day” was officially launched in Ghent on May 13th 2009 and is invented by EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative, Belgium’s biggest vegetarian organisation) and since 2009 has been officially supported by the city of Ghent. Through the campaign Ghent citizens are encouraged to eat vegetarian at least one day a week, for example on Thursday.

Free map made by locals

You can also surf to the Use-It website: it shows sexy historical routes, party hotspots, specialist record shops, cheap overnight accommodation, the greasiest chip shops, cash dispensers, peaceful sunbathing spots, local cafés, unique comic stores, good museums and a great deal more. Download the ‘Map of Ghent for young travellers’ or get it at the Tourist Office or at the House of the Student.