Vote Wisely: youngsters compete for the title of “Ghent’s president for Europe”

Youngsters will pitch wise ideas for Europa at closing event of 'Cities4Europe, Europe for citizens' campaign in Ghent.

On 6 June 2018, 5 youngsters will compete for the title of “Ghent’s president for Europe” during Vote Wisely, the closing event of the EUROCITIES campaign Cities4Europe, Europe for Citizens. Make sure to be there, because it will undoubtedly be an exciting election battle.

70 ideas for an improved Europe

Cities4Europe, Europe for Citizens is a campaign launched by the City of Ghent as president of the EUROCITIES network, Europe’s biggest city network that represents around 140 million people. The campaign aims to elicit an open dialogue on the future of Europe by showcasing local civic participation initiatives and innovative forms of collaboration between the local government and its citizens. This way, Ghent wishes to inspire other government levels, among which the European Union, and to contribute to a positive and shared future for Europe.

In total, residents and students in Ghent put forward approximately 70 creative ideas to improve Europe, covering various domains such as ecology, mobility, culture, language, and entrepreneurship.

Ghent’s president for Europe

Five jury members were asked to select their five favourite ideas based on societal impact, feasibility, exemplary role, and creativity. Concretely, the jury comprises Daniël Termont (mayor of Ghent and EUROCITIES-president), Valerie Siron (director of Triodos bank), Herwig Reynaert (professor in local politics and Europeanization of local administrations), Ann Peuteman (journalist for Knack magazine), and Marieke De Munck (responsible for the urban workshops at Vooruit Gent).

This jury also selected five presidential candidates out of the fifteen people between the ages of 18 and 30 who ran for the title of “Ghent’s president for Europe”. This selection was based on the participants’ public speaking skills. The winner will be granted the amazing opportunity to attend the annual EUROCITIES conference in Edinburgh as youth delegate and Ghent’s president for Europe.

An exciting election battle

On Wednesday 6 June 2018 at 19h30, the candidates will defend one of the five best ideas during an exciting election battle at Music Centre De Bijloke (Bijlokelaan 7, 9000 Gent). The jury as well as the people present at the event will be able to vote for their favourite presidential candidate, who will represent Ghent in Edinburgh.

Everyone is more than welcome to attend this free event. Registration in advance is required. Call 09 210 10 10 or click here to register online.

Event only in Dutch - no translation