CIVIC eState partners meet in Ghent to discuss the governance of urban commons

2nd transnational meeting of the URBACT Transfer Network

The Civic eState network is one of 25 “Tranfer Networks” approved by URBACT in April 2018. Civic eState is the Urbact transfer network whose purpose is to transfer through adaptation a Good Practice realized by the City of Naples.

The Civic eState network is centered on the policy challenge of co-designing and co-producing with City inhabitants legal and sustainability tools for urban commons governance. The urban commons are tangible and intangible assets, services, infrastructures that are considered by the City of Naples as of collective belonging that are taken away to the “exclusive use” proprietary logic and characterized by a shared and participatory administration, as well as collective ownership. The revitalization of the urban historical heritage represents a cultural, economic and social challenge, but also a spur for the city to re-elaborate its identity creating a new bond with the citizenship and private/entrepreneurial sector. During the transnational meeting, the project partners will be visiting civic initiatives from the districts of Rabot and Bloemekenswijk, two of the focus areas of the local network, where they will exchange on local experiences.

The partners in the Civic eState network are: City of Naples (Italy - Lead Partner), City of Barcelona (Spain), City of Gdansk (Poland), City of Amsterdam (Netherlands), City of Prešov (Slovakia), City of Iași (Romania) and the City of Ghent (Belgium).

The CIVIC eState network is funded by the URBACT programme of the European Union.