Westerbegraafplaats congres ASCE

Programme ASCE conference 2019

Speakers, workshops and visits during the ASCE conference in Ghent.

Wednesday October 2, 2019

  • 16.00-18.00 h: Hospitality Tour (start at City Hall, Botermarkt 1) - for members of ASCE
  • 18.00-19.00 h: Welcome drink (Gruut, Rembert Dodoensdreef 1 - for members of ASCE

Thursday October 3, 2019

  • 08.30-09.00 h: Registration of ASCE-members
  • 09.00-10.15 h: AGM formal part (elections, final report, other relevant membership items) - for members of ASCE
  • 10.30-10.45 h: Welcoming speeches
  • 10.45-11.30 h: Presentation of projects of ASCE
  • 11.30-13.00 h: Plenaries A – Use: Management in Perspective

    -Michael Albrecht (D): Environmental Management System for Cemeteries
    -Hendrik De Bouvre (B): Increased Value of Cemeteries
    -Ioanna Paraskevopoulou (co-author Evangelia Georgitsoyanni) (GR): Grave Matters: Uses and Abuses in the Third Cemetery of Athens

  • 13.00-14.00 h: Lunch and poster session
  • 14.00-18.00 h: Visit to the Laeken Cemetery and the workshop Salu, Brussels (by bus)
    The Laeken Cemetery & The Salu Workshop: a unique bond between movable and immovable funerary heritage
  • 20.00-23.00 h: Dinner at Pand - for members of ASCE
    Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent

Friday October 4, 2019

  • 8.30-9.00 h: Registation of participants
  • 9.00-12.00 h: Visits by bus to two cemeteries of Ghent
    You have to make a choice between:
    - West Cemetery – theme: Values and Stakeholders, a Basis for Future Planning
    - Cemetery of Sint-Amandsberg – theme: Restoration, Education and Community Involvement on Historic Cemeteries
  • 12.00-13.00 h: Lunch and poster session
  • 13.00-17.20 h: Plenaries B – Putting Value Assessments and Social Desires into Practice

Session 1 - Reuse, Heritage versus Future Use

-Nandy Dolman / Marc De Bie (B): Back to Nature and Connected Through Ages? Researching Perspectives fort Future Natural Burial Grounds near Archaeological Burial Mounds in Flanders, Belgium
-Hans Druart (B): Dialogue between History and Design in the Upgrading of Protected Cemeteries in Flanders
-Ian Dungavell (UK): Can’t See the Wood for the Trees? Funerary Heritage in a Working Cemetery

​Session 2 - Shared Use: Crossing the Line?

-Francisco Queiroz (P): Back to the Living: the Reuse(s) of Significant Cemeteries from a Portuguese Perspective
-Pavel Grabalov (NO): Urban Cemeteries as Public Spaces: comparison of the Norwegian and Russian case studies
-Janine Marriott (UK): Entertaining the Living amongst the Dead
-Giovanna Colace (I): Giving Words to the Silence of Death

  • 17.30-17.00 h: Closing speech
  • 18.00-19.00 h: Farewell drink (City Hall, Botermarkt 1)

Saturday October 5, 2019

9.00-13.30 h: Optional visit to Tyne Cot cemetery at Zonnebeke - for members of ASCE


Conference venue: Provinciaal Administratief Centrum 'Het Zuid', Woodrow Wilsonplein 2 
This is also the meeting point for the visits to the cemeteries.