ASCE Conference 2019

3 - 5 October in Ghent

  • Thank you for attending the conference

    The Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe helps public and private organisations to promote European cemeteries and helps to raise awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries. Thank you for attending the conference in Ghent from 3 to 5 October!

  • Use, reuse and shared use

    The way we use our cemeteries has evolved drastically over the last several decades. Cemeteries are no longer just places of remembrance and mourning. They’re gradually changing into natural, social and educational sites and spaces, open-air museums and parks designed and redesigned for all kinds of secondary uses and purposes.

    The need for heritage preservation, environmental care, green recreation areas, conservation of biodiversity and new forms of commemoration is becoming increasingly important. And so is the user’s point of view. What is the impact of these transitions and which challenges do administrators of cemeteries and heritage caretakers have to face?

    The conference will focus on exactly that: the modern role of our burial grounds and the current and future issues that come with use, reuse and shared use of our cemeteries.

  • Programme & report

    The ASCE Conference in Ghent included workshops, visits to relevant sites, a walking tour, drinks in prestigious historic venues in the city and so much more. Click here for the full programme and report.

Where to stay?

  • The three hotels below have rooms available for participants of the ASCE Conference.
    We kindly ask you to make your own reservation.

    • NH Hotel Gent Belfort, Hoogpoort 63, 9000 Gent
      Reservation for the conference is possible via the website link until September 10, 2019.
    • Ibis Gent Kathedraal, Limburgstraat 2, 9000 Gent
      Reservation for the conference is possible until August 22, 2019
      Make your reservation bij e-mail with subject 'ASCE2019 - Sveinhildur Torfadottir' via
    • Novotel Gent Centrum, Goudenleeuwplein 5, 9000 Gent
      Reservation for the conference is possible until September 2, 2019
      Make your reservation bij e-mail with subject 'ASCE2019' via

    Do you want to find another place to stay?

  • The venue

    The ASCE conference will take place in the Meeting Center of the Province of East-Flanders, Woodrow Wilsonplein 2, 9000 Ghent. 

    Any questions? 
    Contact us:

    •  Located in the historical centre of Ghent
    •  Accesible to wheelchair users
    •  Right in the vibrant arts quarter ‘Zuid’
    •  Easy accessible by car & public transport
    •  Underground parking available
    •  Nearby city centre hotels
    •  Cosy green area (city park) just outside the facility 
  • 6 reasons why Ghent is worth a visit

    • Ghent is the historical heart of Flanders! You'll find a lot of medieval structures and buildings, like the Gravensteen castle and canals.
    • It's a vibrant city full of fashion, arts and events, from the Film Fest Gent to outlets and art museums like S.M.A.K..
    • Ghent has a compact city centre. It's perfectly manageable on foot and has one of the largest low-traffic pedestrian zones in Europe.
    • It has a quirky but yummy cuisine. Try some ‘waterzooi’ (chicken stew), neuzekes (purple candy nicknamed ‘little nose’) or white-powdered ‘sneeuwballen’ (snowballs). Ghent also is a true vegetarian capital!
    • The city is internationally renowned for its dynamic music scene and music festivals, like the Ghent Jazz Festival and Europe’s largest cultural festival: ‘Gentse Feesten’.
    • Ghent houses 18 cemeteries with 90.000 graves... Some of them date back centuries!

    Looking for things to do in Ghent while you're here? To take a look at all the sights and find out what’s up in the city. There are so many must-see attractions to visit... Get ready to be spoilt for choice!

  • How to get to Ghent

    Ghent is centrally located in Europe between Paris, Amsterdam and London. The city is easily accessible by air, by car and by train.

    By air: travel to Brussels Airport or Brussels South Charleroi Airport. From there, you can use public transportation or rent a car to get to Ghent.

    By train: Ghent is only half an hour away from Brussels Midi. The city has 2 main train stations. Ghent Sint-Pieters is the biggest one and provides for trains to Brussels, Antwerp, Ostend, Bruges, and so on. You can also take a high-speed train (Eurostar and Thalys) from a large selection of cities in Europe. For example: it takes 2 hours to get to Ghent from Paris and less than 3 hours from London, Amsterdam or Cologne.

    By car or coach: Ghent lays at the intersection of the E17 and the E40, two major European motorways.