Twin cities

Collaboration between Ghent and its seven twin cities.

For more than fifty years now, Ghent has been twinned with several cities. These twinnings were set up after WWII to bring former enemies closer together and as a concrete symbol of healing and reconciliation in Europe. Today, this underlying idea of peace promotion no longer takes centre stage and twinnings now focus mainly on bringing people together and forging friendships across borders (citizenship).

Little by little, these partnerships evolved into collaborations with a clear focus on economic, cultural and social exchanges, among others, allowing the cities to strengthen one another and further develop their governance capacity, knowhow and quality service provision for citizens and companies. The Ghent city council actively collaborates with its twin cities by sharing concrete experiences and best practices, and by setting up joint projects.

Ghent is twinned with seven cities, namely:

  • Kanazawa (Japan) since 1971
  • Tallinn (Estonia) since 1982
  • Wiesbaden (Germany) since 1969
  • Melle (Germany) since 1977 with the City of Ghent (and since 1969 with its suburb Sint-Denijs-Westrem)
  • Saint-Raphaël (France) since 1958
  • Nottingham (England) since 1985
  • Mohammedia (a suburb of Casablanca in Morocco) since 1982

The European subsidy programme ‘Europe for Citizens’

Subsidies for cooperation with European twin cities can be obtained via the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme, which aims to promote active European citizenship and as such, increase the participation rate among both citizens and CSOs to ultimately achieve European integration.