Ghent is an active member of networks in the fields of urban policy.

International networks offer the City of Ghent the possibility to forge contacts with countries all over the world in fields of urban policy that are relevant to the city. These networks may focus on one or several policy fields, lobbying, awareness-raising campaigns and/or the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Networks may also help in the search for partners for projects subsidised by the European Union, which, in turn, can lead to the creation of new networks.

Ghent is an active member of the following networks:

  • EUROCITIES, a network of European major cities.
  • EUniverCities, a European network of university cities.
  • The urban programme Urbiscoop, a collaboration network in the Benelux.
  • ICLEI, the largest network worldwide of metropolises, cities and regions that help promote global sustainability through local activities.
  • The City of Ghent has been a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Music’ since 2009.
  • Climate Alliance, a network of municipalities and organisations that try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.