Welcome to Ghent!

Moving to Ghent as an expat? Consult the free welcome guide for expats or have a look at the promotional guide on Ghent.

This part of the website offers texts for expats that are moving to Ghent shortly or have just arrived in the city.

The content is based on the input that the city administration received from several expats that have recently relocated to Ghent. It contains all kinds of useful information on topics relevant for a new life in Ghent and refers to useful websites.

Expats can consult the different texts here online (by surfing to then click on different titles) . They can also download the pdf of the guide.

Read the expat guide 'Welcome in Ghent'

Consult the pdf here PDF (4.72 MB)
This guide is a 'living document'. If you notice that info is incorrect or missing, you can contact the authors. The texts will then be adaped as soon as possible.

There is also a free promotional guide on Ghent available.

Interested in discovering Ghent?

Download the promotional guide here PDF (4.54 MB)