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Where to meet other expats in Ghent and other interesting contactdetails

Gentinfo is the central contact point for information about the city council and the city. If you have a question, a complaint, a suggestion or you want to report something, then please contact Gentinfo: tel. +32 (0)9 210 10 10 (Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 7 pm), e-mail

You can also check out the websites of the City of Ghent (English part) or Visit Ghent.

Online and offline expat community Gent

When you arrive in Ghent, you can rest assured: the expat community will welcome you with open arms. With their experiences, they can provide answers to all your questions and help you with any issues you may be struggling with. Joining the expat community will facilitate your stay. There are organisations like Internations you can contact.

The website offers interesting articles on the expatlife in Ghent. A portal initiated and written by expats living in Ghent themselves.

Using social media is another easy way to connect to your fellow expats and new city neighbours. Check out the following groups or pages on Facebook:

Taalcafé Macharius is an international exchange mart, held regularly at de Centrale where you can go, meet expats and Ghent natives, practise and share languages.

Last but not least the city council and network organisation Community Gent organise regular meetings for expats in Ghent. Interested? Mail to and you will get an invitation to the next event!

Embassy and consulates

When you need more formal assistance, the embassies and consulates can help you wherever you are. They will advise you with any issues you might encounter.

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