Waste management

How to deal with waste and in case of animal nuisance

Ivago is the waste management company in Ghent, they collect the waste and also manage several recycling centres where you can dispose of larger items or dangerous waste (electrical appliances and paints etc.).

There are different kinds of garbage, collected in its own way:

Normal garbage (restafval): is collected in yellow waste bins (urban areas) or grey containers (more rural areas) every week/biweekly.

PMD: plastic bottles + domestic plastic packaging, metal packaging and drink cartons are collected in light blue bags.

Since January 2020 we elevated the value of the P in pmd. Not only plastic bottles are allowed in the IVAGO pmd bag, but all your domestic plastic packaging. So yoghurt pots (and the cover layers of it), butter boats (and its cover layer), mushroom baskets, plastic cookie paper, the plastic around vegetables and fruits … you throw in your pmd bag.  

Important: don’t cut the plastic packaging and don’t pile them up.

GFT: vegetables, fruits and garden waste are collected in green waste containers.

Glass: transparent empty bottles, bowls and flasks should be put in a box. You can buy one from Ivago.

Paper and cardboard: newspapers, magazines, books and cardboard boxes, etc. should be tied together with a rope or put in a closed cardboard box.

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You can buy the waste bags at most supermarkets.

Check out the calendar (in Dutch) for waste collection