How to rent or buy a house and how to move.

For rent

Relocating to Ghent? Read more on how to buy or rent the house or how to move.


Planning to rent? A lease contract comes into existence as soon as one person (the lessor, who is usually also the owner) allows another person the use of a property. In return, the tenant pays rent to the lessor. A lease normally has a fixed duration of 9 years though short term leases are also possible. If a tenant or landlord want to terminate the lease 3 months’ notice is required with a short term lease; 6 months in other cases. Once the tenant moves into the accommodation, he or she should draw up an inventory of the fixtures and fittings.


In order to able to buy a house, you need to be well prepared. In general, a purchase is carried out in two stages: first, a provisional sales agreement is signed between the buyer and seller and a fixed deposit is paid. This step is binding. After max. 4 months the final sale takes place: a notarial act is signed and the outstanding amount is paid. Notary fees and registration fees will also be due.

Moving in

Relocation offices or organisations can assist you in your move to Ghent. They make your personal life and that of your family easier: they know their way around in Ghent and are familiar with procedures.

Once you move in, make sure that there is a water and electricity supply. Water is provided by Farys; you can choose from different suppliers for gas and electricity.

You can move yourself or use a specialised company. If you want a temporary parking ban for other vehicles so the moving van can park in front of your house, you can apply via You have to rent the signs yourself via a private company. If you work with a moving company check out if they do not have this permission or signs already.