Greenery areas

A breath of fresh air, a stroll in the park? Go green in Ghent.


The people of Ghent like to meet in the parks for a picnic of barbecue with family, friends or neighbours. There are a lot of parks and greenery areas. Here are some of the most important ones:


There are many green oases in and around the city. You can choose from small, cosy parks and slightly hidden green spots to large landscaped parks such as the Citadel park.

Public BBQs

Barbecues are permitted in a number of Ghent parks. All zones are marked with an information post. Barbecues are allowed from 1 April to 1 October.


Sports and Recreation Park Blaarmeersen is a green jewel at the Ghent Watersportbaan. Near the historic city centre of Ghent and easily accessible, this park is a haven of peace and a beacon of sportsmanship. With its large sports and leisure opportunities, the Blaarmeersen guarantees pure enjoyment.


Just outside Ghent’s ring-road is 'De Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen', a marvellous nature reserve.
This unique open landscape comprises more than 210 ha of wet grasslands full of ditches and streams. The visitor centre is a model of sustainability.

Gentbrugse Meersen

The main entrance of the Gentbrugse Meersen is surrounded by residential areas and extends to the River Scheldt. In the near future it will cover about 240 hectares. The emphasis is on recreation but you can also practice sports, games, gardening, picnicking and you can also chat with the neighbours as well.

Ghent University Botanical Garden

Yet more flora and fauna on the other side of the Citadel park. Together with the garden, the tropical and sub-tropical greenhouses belong to the University of Ghent. Student botanists have an enormous variety of living material at their disposal. As a visitor, you can just enjoy the beauty of the many flowers and plants.