Terms of use for City Promotion toolbox

How to use the promotional material from the City of Ghent’s toolbox? Please read the general terms of use below.

To help convey Ghent’s story in a relatable and powerful way, the city offers a toolbox comprised of texts, illustrations, images, facts and figures. Anyone wishing to promote Ghent may use this material, provided that they remain in compliance with these terms of use.


The City of Ghent grants non-exclusive access to the material. This means you don’t have to register anywhere first. Of course, we would like to get to know you as a user, to find out what works for you and what we can do better. So, please feel free to send an email to stadspromotie@stad.gent and introduce yourself.


The toolbox materials may only be used for purposes that benefit the positive promotion of the city of Ghent and its image. The use of the material should directly contribute to the positive perception of Ghent as a tourist destination, an attractive residential city or an appealing city in which to do business, work, study and/or organise events.

The material must not be used for

  • personal promotion.
  • commercial purposes.
  • political programmes.
  • ideological purposes.
  • merchandising.

Any use other than that described above is not permitted. If you are unsure about anything or have any questions regarding usage, please contact stadspromotie@stad.gent



The City of Ghent remains the owner of the rights to the material offered in the Toolbox. Users are not permitted to sell or pass on the material to third parties. When using material from the Toolbox, always state ‘copyright City of Ghent’.


The material offered in the Toolbox may not be modified by the user.

Photo and video material may not be altered or edited.

  • A photo may be cropped by no more than 10% of the total size of the image, provided the subject of the overall image is not affected. Zooming in on or cutting out certain people, buildings, works of art or other details is not permitted.
  • No shots or scenes may be cut from videos.

The texts offered in the Toolbox are only permitted to be shortened on the condition that

  • at least one full paragraph is taken from the text.
  • the context remains clear.
  • the text is not used as an opinion.

The modification, animation or cropping of illustrations, presentations, infographics and logo files is not permitted.

Acceptance of conditions

By using materials from the Toolbox the user accepts these terms and conditions.

Improper use

The City of Ghent reserves the right to deny users access to the Toolbox materials or respond to improper use with legal action.

Modifications and/or amendmends

The City of Ghent reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to

  • modify and/or amend these terms of use.
  • remove material from the toolbox. This terminates the right to use this material; users should cease use and any further distribution as soon as possible.

Users should periodically check whether the use of the material is still permitted. 

Belgian law

Only Belgian law applies to these terms and conditions and the courts of the judicial district of East Flanders, Ghent division, have jurisdiction.