The City of Ghent is traveling more sustainably

As of February 2020, city staff will travel more sustainably by taking the train to destinations that are within a working day away.

Just like Europe, the City of Ghent is working hard to reach climate neutrality by 2050. As of February 2020, the city staff will travel more sustainably which means that they will take the train to destinations that are 1 working day away from the city.

For destinations that require more traveling hours, the staff members can choose between the (night)train or a plane.

Ghent wants to become a climate neutral city. That’s why sustainable mobility is so important, also for international traveling. As we know that air traffic has a huge impact on the climate, we will travel as sustainably as possible from now on.

Mr. Bram Van Braeckevelt , Deputy Mayor of Staff

The city analyzed its international business travels from 2013 until 2018: 35% of the 740 business trips were done by train. More than half of them were meetings in a neighboring country.

The Ghent city staff most often traveled to Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Utrecht, Berlin and Paris.
By traveling more sustainably, Ghent is following the example of the University of Ghent and the Flemish Government who already implemented a sustainable international travel policy.
The first year will be a pilot year, an evaluation will follow at the end of 2020.