E-inclusion program Digitaal.Talent@Gent

Digitaal.Talent@Gent combats the digital divide and sets up projects that focus on digital access, skills and e-inclusion

Ghent aims at being an open, attractive, child friendly and inclusive city. Nominated ‘Europe’s best kept secret’ by Lonely Planet and the second largest city in Flanders, Ghent is a prospering place with respect to current evolutions in our information society. Ghent has the ambition to be a Smart City with Smart Citizens. Therefore it is vital that all citizens have access to digital technologies and have the opportunity to develop their digital skills.

Digital City

Digitaal.Talent@Gent (DTG) is a collaboration between the City of Ghent, the Social Welfare Services, several local organizations and Digipolis, the coordinating ICT-partner. Since 2006 DTG combats the digital divide and sets up projects that focus on the growing importance of digital access, skills and e-inclusion. Together with the local stakeholders, DTG makes digital access and knowledge no longer a privilege for the advantaged communities. Increasing the digital skills and motivation of the citizens makes it possible for everyone to fully participate in the information- and communication society of today and stimulates their independence.


Together with the stakeholders DTG has already set up a vast amount of projects. One of the biggest and long-lasting projects is the Digital Talent Point project. With this project DTG gives free access to computer and internet in more than 70 locations in Ghent (public libraries, senior centers, youth clubs, local service centers,…) focusing on disadvantaged neighborhoods and digitally excluded groups. Furthermore, in some of these locations training sessions are organized or there is a volunteer who can answer users’ specific questions. Another event that returns every year is the ‘Digital Week’, a week full of multimedia activities with a big opening event.

Besides long-lasting projects, DTG also wants to reach more specific target groups. While the project ‘Digipolis lending service’ offers over 100 digital devices and other ICT-equipment that organizations can lend for e-inclusion projects, ‘Together Media Wise’ wants to connect people with a mental disability to the digital world. Other projects focus on children, grandparents or other specific risk groups who experience difficulties in joining the digital society we live in today.

More information

You can find more information about DTG and all current projects at our Dutch website www.digitaaltalent.be. For more information in English, please contact us (contact details below).