Ghent: a city with a mission

Open, inclusive, smart en child-friendly: that’s the kind of city Ghent wants to be in 2020.

The mission describes where the city stands for and aims for in the coming years. It's a compass for policy making to which the City and its partners are aligning their strategy. By doing so, Ghent 2020 is already taking shape now.

The mission of Ghent:

"Ghent is an open, inclusive, smart and child-friendly city. It connects all forces to develop the city into a lasting and livable whole and in doing so shapes the future.

Ghent wants to be a creative forerunner in the transition towards a climate-neutral city. We are building an eco-friendly and diversified economy that brings welfare for all.

By doing so, we develop a community of responsible citizens who can develop themselves freely and who can count on the necessary support."