Ghent, European Youth Capital in 2024

Ghent will be the next European Youth Capital, in 2024. This was announced today during the official award ceremony in Brussels.

Ghent EYC We Are The Winners

We are the winners!

Gent is elected European Youth Capital 2024!

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Each year the European Youth Forum awards the title of European Youth Capital to a European host city. During that year, ideas, projects and activities are developed in that city in which the voice of young people is clearly heard. This allows for a youthful perspective to be added to all aspects of urban life. 

Ghent has the ambition to be awarded the title, but even if that doesn’t happen, a Youth Year will in any case be organised in 2024.

A story by and for young people

Young people can actively contribute to the EYC, making it a story by and for young people. That is why all policy areas linked to young people are included in the storyThe EYC programme in 2024 will give our youth (organizations) plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas, travel, learn and share with other European youth (organizations) and invite others to experience our youth-friendly city.

It will also create momentum to share Ghent’s best practices with colleagues from abroad, learn from other cities, esp. those that were EYC before, and improve our lobby efforts to improve European policy when it comes to children and young people. Our long tradition as active player in sereval youth-related and European policy networks and our extensive track record of collaboration with other cities will surely help to reinforce this European dimension.

In addition, in the run-up to 2024 we want all educational institutions, youth work initiatives, cultural organisations, sports clubs, student associations, companies and citizen initiatives to think about how they can actively involve young people in their activities and how they can contribute to Ghent as EYC.


The 3 priorities for Ghent 

The priorities were determined based on earlier consultations among young people (Major @ Your Town, stemrecht 16+,…), signals from civil society and known issues. We selected 3 main keypoints or objectives for our application:

The 3 keypoints are complementary with the city's youth policy path that we have been pursuing for a while now. Not only will these priorities lead to a compelling programme in 2024, but they will also lead to visible long-term results in our city landscape and to a more structural involvement of young people in our city's policy and life in general.


Roadmap EYC

launch of call to action

presentation of concept paper

announcement of the shortlist of 5 cities

presentation of complete application

feedback jury

presentation of modified application

presentation of the application to the jury

announcement of the winner

preparation for EYC 2024

outroll of EYC

Do you want to know more or get involved?

Do you want to know more about the plans of Ghent, do you have an idea, do you want to help develop ideas or join us in our work? Send an email to

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