Listen: podcast Local Voices for Sustainability

Know more about Ghent’s Food strategy and listen to our colleague from Ghent Climate City in the podcast Local Voices for Sustainability.

Hannelore Herreman van Gent en Garde

Hannelore Herreman, one of our own colleagues from Ghent Climate City, was a guest in the podcast Local Voices for Sustainability. 
In this monthly podcast by 
ICLEI Europe, she tells you more about our food strategy and specific actions to make sustainable food accessible for every citizen of Ghent, such as 

  • Sustainable school meals where urban school pupils get at least 50% plant-based proteins on the menu.
  • Social restaurants that are supported to add sustainable dishes to the menu.
  • Hearty places by Enchanté vzw where clients in a vulnerable position can consume a delayed coffee, soup or daily specials.
  • The Ghent Food Council which supports future-oriented food projects.

You will also find out more about FEAST, a project of which the City of Ghent is a partner. In FEAST's living lab, we explore how to make sustainable food accessible, by introducing or expanding solidary tariffs.