Gent aan Zee: inspiring citizens to live a more sustainable lifestyle

On May 8th, we brought engaged citizens and stakeholders of Ghent's climate policy together for the inspiring event Gent aan Zee.

gent aan zee

Engaging and mobilising citizens to make a positive difference is key to create a climate-neutral city. And that's precisely what Gent aan Zee is about: Ghentians inspiring Ghentians to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We brought together over 4000 engaged citizens and stakeholders of the Ghent climate policy around the subjects of co-creation, waste reduction, circular economy, sustainable mobility, renewable energy, urban green, future-proof buildings, sustainable local food system, and more.

The many activities included a barbecue contest to promote plant-based food, workshops for all ages, an information fair with lots of sustainable organisations as well as Gent Klimaatstad's own sustainable offer (De Energiecentrale, Gent en Garde and Planten met Buren) and, of course, local food and drinks.


Low waste policy

The festival itself also set the example for future events with its low waste policy. Drinks were served in reusable cups, free tap water was available on the site and no single-use food containers were admitted. Visitors were asked to bring their own plates and cutlery. We provided some extra stock as well as a self-service dishwashing station.

To go a little further than avoiding waste production only, two types of litter-picking workshops were organised throughout the day. One in the streets surrounding the festival, and one in a canoe on the river Lys.