14 generators collected for Ukraine

The City of Ghent collected 14 generators to provide Ukrainian citizens, schools and hospitals with energy equipment during winter.

In Ukraine, important energy infrastructure has been severely damaged, leaving many families and businesses without access to electricity, heating and water. Together with other European cities, the City of Ghent launched a call to collect generators, primarily for Ukrainian schools and hospitals.

In total, 14 generators will be sent to Ukraine. 11 generators were collected by the City itself. The Fire Department of Ghent donated 2 generators. These are smaller units that are useful, for example, to provide power to hard-to-reach areas. On top of that, the company Van de Calseyde BV donated a larger model that is also suitable for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and smartphones. The City is working with BFAST to ship the generators to Ukraine.

The collection of generators by the City of Ghent is part of the Generators of Hope campaign that was launched by Eurocities and the European Parliament. Cities such as Leipzig, Firenze, Constanta, Turku, Riga, Tallinn and several Polish cities have already sent generators and other relief supplies to Ukraine.