Light Plan walk

Take a walk and discover the Light Plan

light plan Gent

Take a walk and discover the Light Plan

Feel like discovering the Ghent Light Plan in its full splendour?

Just take a stroll in the city centre after nightfall, but do it wel before midnight, because then the atmospheric and monument lighting is turned off.

A digital map with additional info

This map contains a basic light plan walk, along beautifully illuminated monuments, streets and waterways.
Every point of interest has a short description. In addition this map also contains various illuminated points that stray from the basic itinerary but which you could include in your walk.

The basic light plan walk starts at the Kouter and ends at the Vlaamse Opera.
The walk is about 5km en takes approximately two hours. It’s also possible to shorten your walk in two points (indicated by blue points on the map).


Go for a walk and discover the light plan

Download a printable map PDF (1.53 MB)

Guided tours

You might also want to take a guided light plan walk with one of the acknowledged guide associations in Ghent.
To see which excursions the guide associations have on offer, consult the website website.