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  • The Light Plan strengthens the identity of the city

    Ghent began developing a comprehensive light strategy for its city centre in 1998.
    Light accents were implanted on the most important stepping stones of the city: monuments, buildings, gateways, streets, parks and squares.

    Light provides additional connections and allows us to experience the city in a totally different way. City lightening creates atmosphère, gives an identity to squares and streets. It stimulates the curiosity of the stroller. 

  • The Light Plan increases safety

    The Ghent Light Plan in the city does not only provide an agreeable experience, but it also strengthens the feeling of safety through a correct way of lighting.  

    Better and more pleasant lighting gives visitors, retailers and commuters the opportunity to abide safely in the city at darkness.

    More people in the streets at night generate a greater social control.

  • Decline in energy use

    The City of Ghent also strives for a Rational Use of Energy , by

    • Lighting at the appropriate place for the appropriate activities at the right time
    • Avoiding intrusive lighting and light pollution
    • Using suitable technology
  • Light plan for the entire city

    As from 2007 a new Light Plan was created for the entire city. Next to lighting the city centre, Ghent started to illuminate such defining landmarks as buildings, streets and squares in the suburbs, the Canal Area and the port of Ghent as well.

    This new Light Plan has to reinforece the nightly landschape of Ghent and give it an own identity, it has to deminish light pollution and decrease the energy use of lighting.

  • Light art and light festival

    Thanks to the Light plan, Ghent has international fame and has won several awards. It provides the scenery for a light festival every three year and for light art in the city.

    As a souvenir of the Light Festival, the city of Ghent installed two installations of light art, amongst them 'The Blue Birds from Mr. Maeterlinck'.

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  • Discover the ideas behind the light plan

    The light plan was not created over night. It is founded on scientific research and, during it's creation, many citizens were consulted. Learn more about the methodoly of the research and the ideas behind the light plan.

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  • Discover the light plan in full splendour

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  • Le Plan Lumière de Gand

    En 1998, Gand a entamé l’implémentation de son Plan Lumière pour l’entiereté de la ville. Gand a progressivement accentué ses points de repère essentiels: monuments, bâtiments, portes d’accès, cours d’eau, axes de circulation, rues commerçantes, parcs et places publiques. Non seulement l’éclairage du plan Lumière rend la ville plus agréable à regarder, mais aussi, il augmente le sentiment de sécurité publique.


  • Der Genter Lichtplan

    Gent begann 1988 mit der Erstellung eines Gesamtlichtplans für die Innenstadt. Mit dem Lichtplan hat die Stadt Gent die wichtigsten Denkmäler, Gebäude, Eingangstore, Verkehrsadern, Geschäftsstraßen, Parks und Plätze mit Lichtakzenten versehen. Das erhöht nicht nur die Attraktivität der Stadt, sondern auch die allgemeine Sicherheit.

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  • El plan de iluminación de Gante

    En 1998, Gante puso en marcha el diseño de un plan integral de iluminación para el casco antiguo. Gracias a este proyecto, el Ayuntamiento de Gante ha realzado con luz los principales monumentos, edificios, puertas históricas de acceso a la ciudad, avenidas, calles comerciales, parques y plazas. Con ello no solo se ha logrado embellecer la ciudad, sino que también ha aumentado el sentimiento de seguridad ciudadana.

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