De Krook, a new public library in Ghent

In De Krook, for the first time Ghent has a building which was truly designed for the function of city library.

In this digital era, a city library is still relevant but its role is definitely changing. In a society which offers an abundance of information, there is a growing need to help people navigate the available knowledge. De Krook's activities will be tailored accordingly. The library will remain an oasis of peace and quiet, with the same extensive collection of books, CDs, DVDs etc. It will have more cosy reading corners and quiet reading and study areas than before. However, it will also become a place to meet other people during lectures or debates, to develop skills in workshops, to experiment in the ‘maker’s lab’, to collaborate in research and much more besides. A new story starts here.

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Opening of De Krook : a new landmark for Ghent PDF (282.48 KB)

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