Smart local policy

Politics and administration have to permanently reinvent themselves to be capable of shaping the city of the future

Just like new corporate models have a ‘disruptive’ effect on our entire economy, necessitating change, the current social evolution of co-creation and co-production is disruptive for the way in which our policy and our authorities are organized.

In the storm of innovation and technical developments, local authorities have received a mandate to become the hauler in shaping the city in all possible aspects, and thus be the pivot in the wheels of the smart city. By assuming an active role as local authority, we can avoid that large public utilities are announcing new technological solutions, but bear little or no attention to the support of this technology in the city and the opportunities as regards improving the quality of life of the citizens.

The local authorities must see to it that citizens and the centerfield organizations are involved in reflecting about and working on their city of the future.
In other words: co-creation in all of its significances and applications is essential, and it are our municipalities who constitute the gateway to and the motor of co-creation in concert with the stakeholders in the proper society.