More than a smart city

How do we shape the digital (r)evolution of Ghent?

Meer dan een slimme stad

From sustainable collaboration platforms to digital counters and artificial intelligence: discover how the city uses innovation and technology to help you in a smarter and better way, to make your life easier, whether you are an entrepreneur, citizen or visitor.

How do we make Ghent a smarter city?

By daring to innovate together. Not only with technology players, but also with other cities and governments, with the academic world, with large and small companies and so on.

By letting the data run and flow through all systems, for our citizens' convenience. That sounds difficult, but it is actually quite easy. Others can build on the information you release.

By seizing digital opportunities. It's not about the amount of sensors we have in the city, or technology for the sake of technology itself. But to improve the everyday life of and for our residents.

By removing bounderies and providing low touch digital access. This way we tailor our innovative solutions to the users' needs and create a society wherein everyone can participate.

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How does Ghent commits to technology and innovation in the coming years?

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A few of our smart initiatives