Data as point of departure

Data, and open data in particular, yield various information flows and allow us to conduct analyses, thus generating knowledge

Data are often considered as objective and correct. In ideal circumstances, they are a guarantee for objectivity. Meanwhile, we know that data are not neutral, that they include interpretation, but they continue to give us something to go on as regards the complex urban environment. They are approaching something which resembles a common language which most players in this environment can understand.

Data are generated by governments, companies and citizens alike. Yet, we often continue to use our proper data. Meanwhile, quite some techniques have been developed to collect, process and visualize larger data volumes. And we still did not mention the wealth of information that is readily available with our stakeholders or measuring real-time behaviour and their conversion into indicators.

The key question is how we can make these data useful and how we can distill information. An interesting aspect is when several players are combining these data flows, for their proper purposes. This provides a potential of open data, linked data and big data.