The IncluPAS-project aims to create social inclusion in disadvantaged communities, through sport and physical activity.

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The IncluPAS project will consist of developing, implementing and testing a digital app(lication) in order to foster social inclusion. The goal is to reach adolescents between 14 and 18 years in disadvantaged communities. 

About the IncluPAS project 

The IncluPAS-project will be implemented and evaluated in three cities: Ghent, Vilnius and Thessaloniki. The project consists of five core components that will lead to five intellectual outputs:

  1. A community scan that will examine the community for movement and sport opportunities, and for organizations in the community working around sport, PA and social inclusion
  2. Cross-sector collaborations sessions to connect the available knowledge and resources between sport and non-sport organizations
  3. Co-creation sessions with community champions (individuals of the target group of 14- to 18-year-old age group)
  4. The IncluPAS- application that will allow the community champions to easily upload, organize and display initiatives for their peers
  5. Process-evaluations with the community organizations and community champions to overcome challenges and repeat successes.

Expected impact

In total, 45 community champions will be trained to foster social inclusion through sport and PA in the three disadvantaged communities. In each community, the goal is to impact 250 adolescents (i.e. take part in several activities organized by the community champions). For each of the core components of the IncluPAS-project, an online workshop, report, fact sheets and guidelines will be made freely available through the IncluPAS- website. These aspects together with a smart dissemination strategy, will ensure a wide implementation of the IncluPAS-project in other European cities.

Community Scan

The Community Scan is a tool that allows you to map out how the neighbourhood, the (sport)clubs activating in the neighbourhood and their social environment, encourage young people to sport and exercise.

The IncluPAS partners

5 countries, 7 partners

  • Belgium:
    ○ Gent (City, Lead partner)
    ○ HOWEST, University College West Flanders – Vital Cities (Applied Research Partner)
    ○ MySueno - Marketing Strategy & Innovation in Sports (Topic Partner)
  • Luxembourg: International University of Health, Exercise and Sports SA - LUNEX (Research Partner)
  • Greece: Major Development Agency Thessaloniki - MDAT, Thessaloniki (City)
  • Lithuania: Active Vilnius, Vilnius (City)
  • Austria: Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation - VIDC (topic partner)

Start this program in your region

On the LearnWorlds platform you will find all the information and tools collected during the lifetime of this project, in the form of an online course. Resources such as digital reports, fact sheets, guidelines and scientific publications are intended to help other communities improve social inclusion through sports and physical activity. You can also get in touch with the project partners and inform yourself in more detail about the development of the project in a particular country.

IncluPas is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union